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My Role

Jun 2021 - Sept 2021


UI Design & UX Research + Strategy

Project Timeline



Identifying the Problem
and the Challenge
Defining the Goal
Project Timeline



User Personas



User Flow
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Final Designs

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The Problem

As streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video has set the stage for the future of tv and movie, the demand for more personalized and efficient forms of media consumption has increased drastically. One problem users often face when using these streaming services is choosing exactly what to watch. The abundance of choices has made it difficult for users to narrow down their options by scouring through multiple tv shows and movies. These platforms also do not meet users' post-screening needs as many have to search through Reddit or Youtube to find other people to discuss media with. 

The Challenge

The abundance of choices available at most streaming platforms can leave users feeling confused and frustrated. Users require more guidance both in their pre-screening and post-screening experiences.

The Goal

The key goals of this design are to provide an easy and efficient pre-screening and post-screening experience that allows users to get the most out of their time by offering reviews, spoiler-free commentary, and video explanations. Users will also be given ways to interact with other viewers and further engage with the content on discussion threads. 



Conducting Quantitative Survey

To better understand my user base I conducted a survey of 10 participants between the ages of 19 to 31. All of these participants are avid watchers of movies and tv shows and have subscriptions to at least one or more of the following platforms: Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video. 


Likely to socialize with others over the internet after watching a movie or tv show


Spend time looking at reviews and trailers prior to deciding on what to watch


Have been frustrated because they were unable to find something to watch that fit their needs 

Developing Key Insights

From the data gathered through the survey, I developed 4 key insights to improve the donation process for both donors and recipients 


Provide a pre-screening experience. Since the majority of participants indicated that they seek out reviews and videos prior to watching a movie or show, providing a pre-screening experience that includes all of this information in a concise and accessible way would make choices much easier to make. 


Add a social feature. Participants indicated that they are likely to engage with others over the internet about a movie or show. By providing a social platform within the streaming service, users will be able to engage more meaningfully with the content they consume. 


Provide a survey to better recommend movies or tv shows. To ensure that users do not struggle to choose a movie or show to watch, it would be helpful to provide a quick and easy survey that would generate useful recommendations based on the user's mood and circumstance at that given time. 


Provide a post-screening experience. As many users are likely to seek out video explanations or discussion threads after watching a movie or show, providing a post-screening experience that would suggest this content right after users finish watching would make the process much more convenient. 

Conducting User Interviews 

To gather even more insights from the user base, I conducted two interviews on participants from within the survey group. 



21 years old

"As a full-time college student with a busy schedule, I cherish my alone-time watching movies. But when finding the perfect movie that fits my mood is a struggle I tend to get frustrated and give up."


25 years old

"The pandemic gave me a lot of free time to watch more Netflix, but I craved connecting with my friends. I wish streaming sites would allow you to share and post about the content and connect with new people."

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Creating User Personas

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After conducting research, developing key insights from the findings, and creating a user persona I, began the process of developing wireframes, user flows and a design system.

Developing User Flow

Developing a user flow using Figma allowed me to better understand how to implement my solutions within the platform.

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Creating High-Fidelity Wireframes

After developing a user flow, I created wireframes using ProtoPie. This gave me more structure and guidance to proceed with my website design. 

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Design System

I put together a design system that uses cool and bright colors and simple iconography to reflect the brand identity of Rumor.

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Final Designs

After creating high-fidelity wireframes and developing a design system, I dove into the finals screen designs for Rumor. Below you can see some of the key features that were implemented into the web design to solve user problems. 

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Provide a Pre-Screening Experience

In order to provide key information and resources to users to allow them to accurately determine what they'd choose to watch, I designed a pre-screening experience. The screen below shows how users will be able to watch videos, read the synopsis and even read reviews all in one space, before deciding on a movie/show. 

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Add a Social Feature

This social feature will allow users to interact with others who enjoy similar content to theirs, discover new movies and shows, and engage more meaningfully with the content on Rumor.

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Provide a Survey for Better Content Recommendations

By taking this short and easy quiz users will be able to easily find movies and shows that match their liking at any given time. This will eliminate the hassle and frustrations of searching for the perfect content to watch and will lead to an overall better user experience. 

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Provide a Post-Screening Experience

Lastly, after finishing a movie or show, instead of having to seek out articles, videos, or discussions about the content, users will be immediately guided to the post-screening experience. Here, they will be able to navigate through discussion threads or analysis videos and gain closure after streaming content on Rumor.

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Key Takeaways 

This project taught me how to solve multiple complex user problems within one platform. By tackling such a large project with various moving pieces, I was able to coherently piece together a streaming platform that also acts as a social site for movie lovers. 

Next Steps

More research, analysis, and usability testing will lead to additional problem statements and subsequent insights and solutions. Some next steps include ideating and designing for other possible user bases, such as users seeking to create their own content of movie and show reviews and grow a platform on Rumor. 

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